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What is Brand Advertising?

  • Brand Advertising can be one of the most effective ways to position a company, product or service into the marketplace.

    It is the ability to convey a message to your consumers, suppliers, competitors, staff and management, using your brand as the central focal point.

    If done right, it can dramatically improve staff morale and drive new customer referrals to your business.


Is there a purpose to your promotion?

  • If you already have a promotional strategy in mind, we are always happy to facilitate your order in a timely fashion. But you may want to ask yourself: Does your promotion have a purpose? Has it been well thought out to create maximum impact?

    Our team of brand awareness experts can show you how to creatively use promotional items to leave a positive and lasting impression on your staff, management, customers, suppliers and your competition.

    By combining a creative message with each promotional item, the impact of each campaign will triple in value.


Marketing your brand with IMPACT

  • "A pen is just a pen" is not necessarily true. At Sudden Impact we show companies how to take simple, common promotional items and use them creatively and effectively in uncommon ways to dramatically improve staff morale and increase customer awareness.

    How your company uses these promotional items in conjunction with your creative strategy will determine the effectiveness of each "Brand Awareness" campaign.


Using your brand to build business

  • Sudden Impact understands the power of Brand Advertising. Our company's slogan: YOUR BRAND.IS OUR BUSINESS is what we live by. It's what has set us apart in our industry for over a decade. It's why our clients trust that for every dollar they spend, they will get three times their value in improved working performance, staff morale and customer appreciation. A better performing staff, means happier customers, which in turn brings you more referrals. More business means a healthier bottom line.


Using Your Brand to improve staff morale

  • Your employees are one of the most important assets of your business and recognizing them for their hard work can really improve staff morale. A special gift to recognize achievements, birthdays and corporate milestones can heighten the energy in the working environment and optimize performance.


Working with your brand from the inside-out

  • Brand advertising can, not only determine how a company is perceived by its customers, suppliers and competitors, but also how that same company is perceived by its own staff and management. Working on your brand from the "inside-out" can be an effective way to start a Brand Awareness Campaign, plus, you will notice a dramatic improvement in staff morale and overall performance within the organization.


Case Studies

  • We have created numerous campaigns that have created SUDDEN IMPACT for a host of companies just like yours. Ask one of our Brand Awareness Experts to give you a few examples of how to effectively use promotional items to build your company's brand.


What to expect?

  • When dealing with Sudden Impact, you can expect to deal with a friendly and knowledgeable brand awareness expert; someone who is truly interested in your marketing objectives. We will always respond in a prompt and timely manner and keep you informed on the development of your project.

    Your campaign will get the attention and professionalism it deserves and if your proposed deadline can't be met, we will tell you ahead of time. Once we understand your budget and objectives, we are confident that our team of brand awareness experts will meet or exceed your expectations in creativity, quality and service.


Let us help you

  • Our brand awareness experts can help you triple the value of your next promotional campaign by first understanding more about your target market, demographics and what your objectives are. Call us direct at 604-625-3909, e-mail us with your specifications, or take the shop tour.